Oh to feel beautiful ...

... is to live life feeling comfortable in your own skin.

The Strive to be Beautious
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Community Goals: This is not a pro-ED community. This community is meant for support and motivation towards healthier eating, exercise, and self-image. No one is perfect, but try to be positive. Setbacks can be used as learning experiences. Building healthy habits takes time, but we are here for you and in it for the long run. All I ask of members is to be respectful and keep the board free from destructive tips. Healthy is beautiful!

Posting Rules

1) R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Please show all members the respect, understanding, and patience we all deserve. The road to a healthy body and mind is a journey. Realize the fact that we are all at different points along the way and everyone needs to start somewhere. If you take exception to someones post you have three choices:

a) Give them kind constructive ideas in a polite manner.
b) Report the post and let me (Jingabooty) decide whether or not they are breaking community rules.
c) Ignore it and move on to something that you find more interesting/appealing.

2) Please no posting about fasting, purging, pills, de-toxing via strange diets or potions, or other destructive recommendations. This is a positive healthy place!

3) Consuming less than 1200 calories a day is not condusive to long-term health. This community does not support starvation diets.

4) No pointless derogatory posts.

5) No advertising other lj communities.

I reserve the right to delete posts and ban members that I believe are not in the best interest of the community as a whole.

Create Your Own Challenge

Choose one or more from each of the following categories. I suggest mastering one of each Nutrition, Exercise, and Anti-Procrastination before adding more. Too much change at once can be overwhelming, even to the most determined person.

Nutrition -
1) Be a Mindful Eater: Keep a journal of everything you eat each day. It should include the time, place, your hunger level, the amount you ate and drank, and how you felt both before and after. Keeping a journal that includes your emotional status to food helps make that connection to when and why we eat when we aren't really hungry. For example, of we know boredom leads to devouring a box of cookies, we can start to plan more activities to rid boredom ... and therefore rid those over cookie-fied incidents. Honestly, the practive of doing this type a journal can tell you much more than simply counting calories. Plus, you learn to listen to, not ignore your bodys signals.

2) Eat complete balanced meals and powerhouse snacks: Divide your plate into four equal sections. Two should be filled with fruits and vegetables. One quarter should contain a serving of whole grains and the last portion should be a healthy protein thats low in saturated fat. A drizzle of vegetable oil should be enough to flavor food and provide your body with heart healthy fats. For snacks, have a serving of fruits or vegetables. If you need more staying power add in a protein source. Some favorite pairs include celery and pb, cheese and an apple, hummus and carrots. I find that making myself have healthy fruit and veggie based snacks helps me figure out if I'm truly hungry. Heck, I'll eat pretzels anytime hungry or not, but I'm likely to turn down a pear unless my body needs it.

3) Meet your color quota each day: Aim for at least one fruit or vegetable daily from the following color groups ... orange, orange/yellow, yellow/green, green, white/green, red, red/purple. If you need more color info, just ask!

1) Just get moving everyday! : Sometimes simply getting out there is the biggest challenge. If you aren't already exercising, make an effort to be active at least 5 days a week. Walk, swim, jog, strength train, yoga, bike, anything is better than nothing ... just make sure to alternate daily workouts to avoid overuse injuries, boredom, and plateaus.

2) Balance Your Routine: Aim for 3-5 cardio sessions, 2-3 strength training sessions, and one flexibilty workout per week. These can be adjusted to your own abilities and fitness level, so don't feel that you need to run several miles and power-lift. Small steps are the start to great success!

3) Challenge Your Body: Each week add in something switch up your workout. Increase your distance once or twice a week or improve your time. Add some extra weight to your strength training. Try a new activity.

Stop Procrastinating!
I'm sure I've missed something that you'd like to improve about yourself. Make a list of your personal 'to dos' and tackle at least one large item per week, daily if its something small. My list covers everything from working on pesky professional forms to making sure I pack my next days lunch and wash the dishes before bed.

Good luck and be healthy!

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